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Invicta Primary School and Childrens Centre

Invicta Primary School

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I'm impressed by the professionalism, approachability and commitment of staff at Invicta. They seem to have struck the right balance between discipline and care.


Invicta Primary School Learning Charter





At Invicta we aspire for all our children to:

  • Enjoy the moment and prepare for their future.
  • Enjoy a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn with confidence, enthusiasm and high expectations.
  • Consider others with respect and tolerance.


We achieve this by providing:

  • Excellent teaching – providing excellent learning for every child.
  • A caring school - valuing the contribution of children, parents and the wider community.
  • A creative curriculum - giving children real, purposeful and challenging learning experiences.
  • A rewarding atmosphere – taking every opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of our children.