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I'm impressed by the professionalism, approachability and commitment of staff at Invicta. They seem to have struck the right balance between discipline and care.





Pupil Premium

Invicta School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who  receives Free School Meals (or who has been entitled over the last five years), and for any Looked After Children or Children from Service Familes.

Supporting learning in class

We are required to publish online information about how we have used the premium.


How did we use our 2014- 2015 Pupil Premium?

Invicta's Pupil Premium allocation for 2014- 2015 was £123,500.


How Invicta spent their Pupil Premium allocation?

The Governing Body of the school have decided that this grant should be spent as follows:

- To support children's learning in the classroom by:

  • Supporting further intervention in learning when this would help a child reach their potential e.g. 1:1 behavioural support teachers.
  • Ensuring that the children who qualify for Pupil Premium funding have their needs clearly identified and their progress closely monitored through school.
  • Subsidising individual tutoring sessions.

- To support the cost of employing a Learning Mentor to work to support pupils to overcome barriers to learning resulting from their deprivation.

-To support the cost of employing a Specialist Sports Teacher to support pupils to overcome barriers to learning.

-To create a Fund for children entitled Pupil Premium funding and use this fund for School trips and other extracurricular activities and to fund other opportunities to boost learning. For example;


          • Subsidised breakfast club places
          • Subsidised after school club places
          • Subsidised activity club places

            Musical Instrument tuition

          • Theatre school holiday club
          • School Journey Subsidy
          • Theatre Trips
          • Trips to the seaside
          • School Uniform and bookbags
          • Musical instrument tuition

What was the impact of the Pupil Premium?

Children who receive the Pupil Premium at Invicta Primary perform exceptionally well, in fact they significantly exceed national expectations.

See the table below. This table shoes the percentage of our children who made expected progress and the percentage of children who exceeded progress. It also shows how our children did compared to the average for non- disadvantaged children across the country. In this cohort there were 5 children eligible for pupil premium and each child represents 20% in the data.


1 child = 20%

Invicta 15

National 14

Invicta 15

National 14

Invicta 15

National 14





% Making Expected Progress







% Exceeding Expected Progress








The table below shows the percentage of children attaining level 4+ or level 5+ in the 2015 end of Key Stage 2 assessments. The proportion of disadvantaged KS2 pupils that attained at least Level 4 was equal to or above the National figure for other pupils in mathematics. 



Invicta Pupil Premium 2015

National Pupil Premium Average 2014

Non Pupil Premium Average 2014

Reading L4+




Reading L5+




Writing L4+




Writing L5+




Maths L4+




Maths L5+




 The table below shows the percentage of children achieving level 2B+ at KS1.



Invicta Pupil Premium 2015

National Average 2014 (All Children)

Reading 2B+



Writing 2B+



Maths 2B+



At the end of KS1 our children who qualify for Pupil Premium were in line with national expectations in reading and maths. In writing the children underperformed.

2015-2016 Allocation

Invicta has been allocated £98,140 for its Pupil Premium grant to support disadvantaged children.

-How will we spend this money?

Our main objectives for the children who qualify for Pupil Premium are for them to do as well academically as children that do not qualify for pupil premium. We are also looking to extend their understanding of the wider world by offering them opportunities that they may not get at home.

Our Pupil Premium spend is based on high-impact, research- based recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation and The Sutton Trust. Due to the fantastic success of the spending over the past few years we will spend money in a similar fashion. The money will be spent on:

  • Phonics Teaching

 Children will continue to receive explicit and systematic phonics teaching by trained members of staff starting in EYFS and continuing into KS1. This will support pupil premium children and help close learning gaps. We have specialist Phonics teaching to provide extra support for our disadvantaged children.

  • Additional small group or 1:1 support

 Additional LSAs have been employed to support children in small groups or 1:1 teaching. These groups will receive targeted support in maths, handwriting, numicon and literacy, behaviour support allowing them to narrow the gaps in their learning.

  • Breakfast Club

We will continue to subsidise breakfast club places for Pupil Premium children as this helps to support the punctuality of these children and ensure that they start the day fully fed.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

We will continue to subsidise After-School Activity Clubs to help widen the interest of children and given them new experiences.

  • Leadership

We will invest money adding to the leadership structure of the school including Assistant Headteachers who will focus on supporting the quality of teaching and learning at the school. This ensures that teachers' professional development leads to better outcomes for our pupil premium children.

  • Tuition

We will continue to run after school tuition groups for year 6 children to help close gaps in their learning. These sessions are targeted at specific children.

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