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Foundation stage is a great place to be introduced to the school environment - the space is large enough to be exploratory and exciting and small enough to be safe and well supervised.







Every School Day Counts

Importance of Punctuality and Attendance

Our aim is to make your child’s school life a happy and enjoyable experience. To support your child’s education you have an important role to play in ensuring this happens. We therefore kindly ask for your assistance and cooperation.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school regularly and on time. Good school attendance increases your child’s potential to achieve a good education.

Although being absent cannot always be helped as we all do become ill from time to time we thought it would be helpful to give you some information regarding the impact of good (and poor) attendance on your child’s academic performance.  We also thought that you would appreciate some tips on getting your child to come to school every day.

 We are often asked about the significance of “percentage attendance” so here are a few facts:

 90% attendance for a whole school year = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed (or the equivalent of half a day a week.

So, in just one school year……

95% attendance = 2 weeks missed

85% attendance = 6 weeks missed

80% attendance = 7.5 weeks missed


The picture becomes much worse over five school years….

95% attendance = 9.5 weeks missed

90% attendance = 19 weeks missed (this is half a school year missed!)

85% attendance = 28 weeks missed

80% attendance = 38 weeks missed (this is a whole school year missed!)


As well as being absent a lot from school effecting your child’s development being late also has a big effect.  Lateness = Lost Learning


5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost

10 minutes late each day = 6.5 days lost

15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost

20 minutes late each day = 13 days lost

30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost


Punctuality is as important as attendance. To avoid being late make sure you leave enough time to arrive at school on time.