Premier Pathways

Invicta Primary School is proud to partner with Premier Pathways. It is a brand-new teacher training initiative that gives trainees the opportunity to begin fully paid employment immediately and gain a PGCE with QTS at the end of the two-year programme.

The programme has been developed in collaboration with the nation’s leading initial teacher education provider, the University of Buckingham and has been designed specifically to offer high calibre graduates a paid route into teaching with full time school placements and training and continuous support, flexibility and absolutely no cost to the trainee. A dedicated Liaison Team provide ongoing advice, guidance, and support throughout the programme with individually appointed Liaison Officers (PPLO) assigned to participating schools and trainees.

Trainees will begin their career in education in a teaching support role, progressing at a pace that suits you to become an unqualified teacher and ultimately to gain a PGCE with QTS. The University is renowned for providing outstanding professional development for teachers and we aim to train highly effective and reflective practitioners who strive to constantly develop their practice and classroom leadership skills throughout their career. Training, online resources and current affairs in education, a detailed handbook with guidance and support is provided throughout the Pre-PGCE year by the Premier Pathways team.

During the second year, trainees will be working towards the Teaching Standards. Meeting all of these Standards enables the University of Buckingham to recommend a Trainee for Qualified Teacher Status. In addition to passing the Teachers’ Standards, successful Trainees will gain the University of Buckingham PGCE, for which, during the course of the second year, they will complete three written assignments.

They are mentored within their schools by a designated Mentor, under the direction of the University of Buckingham School of Education. Trainees are assigned a Tutor by the University, who oversees their progress and who visits Trainees in their schools once a term. During the course of the second year, Trainees come to the University for nine days of compulsory residential training; the first of which is an induction day in late August.  Trainees also teach in a second school for a minimum period of 15 days for Mainstream placements and 30 days for trainees in Special schools.

The overall aim of the course is to ensure that untrained graduates, have the opportunity to work in school and teach for over a two-year period, are able to apply their pedagogic trade with a high level of professional competence, are knowledgeable about relevant contemporary issues in education and are encouraged to function as reflective, independent-minded professionals. By the end of the programme, trainees will be a confident, capable and fully qualified teaching professional with excellent career prospects and earning potential.

The course has been designed specifically with this aim in mind, and in the belief that the best way to achieve this is to combine the practical experience of teaching and working in a good school that provides on-going professional support (particularly in the form of lesson-observations and consequent pedagogic discussions) with short periods of focused reflection on teaching and more general questions about education.

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