Thinking Classroom

Mike Fleetham, Learning Designer and Coach

Mike worked with us for a couple of years to enrich our teaching. We learned about different kinds of classroom activities that make learning more effective and enjoyable; tasks like The Line Up and Bagel Thinking that are part of Mike’s C10 Toolkit. They work because they not only help us to learn our basic facts and knowledge, but they also help us to develop skills like collaboration, discussion, negotiation, flexible thinking, problem solving and decision making. These skills will be essential for employment in the next 10-20 years.

Mike was impressed by us because we did just what he expects from the best schools: we didn’t copy his ideas; we made them our own and adapted them so that they were right for Invicta and fit with our values. Mike was also impressed because we developed teams to become expert in different tools and we taught each other. You can find out more about Mike’s work on his website and even ask him a question if you want.



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